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Master Care offers the finest in home and commercial remodeling. Our firm services the greater New Orleans metro area and it’s surrounding parishes. For over 17 years we have specialized in handling different project sizes, from small repairs to complete home renovation.

Master Care has worked hard to maintain the highest standards of quality for home remodeling throughout the New Orleans area, from room additions to general home remodeling. When working with our team, you can be sure that your custom design build, addition, bathroom or kitchen remodel will be truly distinctive and one-of-a-kind. We use expert craftsman and the finest quality materials. We will listen to your needs and will work with you to make sure your project gets done correctly the first time around.

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Ask The Experts

Home remodeling shouldn’t be hard, we’re here to help!

Renovations can take weeks — and sometimes months. That means endless days of subcontractors traipsing through your home, noisy tools, and major dust. Even some minor projects can disrupt your daily routine. Before you begin to remodel, know what’s in store for you and your family.
The answer is yes, most often you can. Of course if it’s an extensive whole-house renovation, we evaluate each project on a case-by-case basis.
The short answer is, almost always, yes. The I-Codes, including the International Building Code and the International Residential Code, are the baselines from which most state, city and municipal building codes are developed. Regarding permits, I-Code rules are pretty clear. They state that a permit must be obtained whenever a structure is to be constructed, enlarged, altered, repaired, moved or demolished
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  1. To restore to good condition; make new or as if new again; repair
  2. To invigorate; refresh; revive

As you can see, “renovate” means to make new again. In the world of home construction, this includes re-painting, re-facing cabinets, installing new light fixtures, or adding other finishes and fixtures. The original design isn’t altered drastically, but rather, it is updated to a new standard.

Renovating a room in your home, especially a kitchen, not only makes the space more attractive, but may also add value to the home or condo. For instance, if you’re looking to sell your home in the near future, adding stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and replacing the cabinets in your kitchen will often increase the chance of a sale and deliver a return on your investment.


  1. To alter the structure of

A remodel involves changing the use of a space. When the structure and style of a space is completely transformed, this is considered a remodel. If you want to change the layout of a room and re-configure the floor plan, you’re remodeling. In a kitchen remodel, for instance, you may decide to combine the kitchen with the living room to create an open concept kitchen layout. Or perhaps you’d like to install a kitchen island to create more functional space for cooking. Whatever it is, remodeling breathes new life into a room, giving the space a whole new look and feel.

Because remodeling involves complex design considerations as well as construction, electric, and plumbing expenses, it typically costs more than renovating. For this reason, it is important to consult an experienced design build contractor or architect before you begin a remodeling project. If you are interested in remodeling your home, it always pays to make sure that your project gets done right the first time around.

We stand behind our worked performed according to our agreement and within the scope of our control.
Yes. Whether it’s a kitchen or bath remodel, room addition, new roof, deck or whatever, the right financing can be just as important as your home improvement project itself. When you have good-to-excellent credit, the right financing looks like a low-interest loan with a fast and easy application process.
Yes. We are!

Trade-specific licenses, such as those for electricians, plumbers or HVAC technicians, require much more specific knowledge and experience than basic contractor licenses.

Obtaining a trade-specific license generally means that a tradesmen has a completed a minimum number of hours of working experience as an apprentice in the trade, that they’ve passed a standardized written test based on their trade and often that they will complete continuing education courses to renew their license.

This estimate has small value since the range of potential costs varies wildly.  But, we will guide you to what will work for your project based on your budget.
Store Bought

Store bought cabinets provide a quick and easy solution to purchasing cabinets. Many are made out of pressed wood or wood products, but there are also high quality solid wood cabinets available for those willing to pay the extra dollars. Store bought cabinets now come in a large variety of designs and shapes, and can fit the needs of most kitchens.


Custom cabinets typically feature higher quality materials, that you can expect to pay for. They are frequently made out of solid wood, rather than particle board and can be designed in multiple shapes. Although they are typically priced more than store bought cabinets, some areas can find custom cabinets that are priced comparably to what could be found in the stores.

Regardless of whether you choose store bought cabinets or custom cabinets, your cabinets won’t be a boring slab of wood- that is unless you want it to be. Cabinet designers make intricate designs for both custom and pre-made clients, so boring should never be a concern. Once you have determined what your kitchen needs, get out there and buy your cabinets- no matter how they were made.

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