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Commercial Remodeling
and Renovation Contractor in New Orleans, LA

Commercial Renovation Process:
Remodeling While Doing Business

We understand that the commercial remodeling process is difficult, as many times our customers need to keep doing business while renovations occur. We recognize that your business is important and therefore, we use our expertise in order to manage your renovation process while minimizing or eliminating the time during which you are unable to operate business.

Property Maintenance

From various home repairs and painting touch-ups to landscaping and remodeling, our property maintenance crew is here to serve you. A well maintained facility attracts more clients and portrays a professional image. Likewise, real estate that looks sharp and well maintained often times makes the sale.

With our years of experience providing building and remodeling services in the Dallas area, we have the resources and skills to ensure your facility maintenance needs are met quickly while ensuring quality workmanship.

Types of commercial services we offer:

  • Restaurants: When opening a restaurant in a new location, commercial remodeling can help give your business the atmosphere you desire.
  • Specialty Retail Stores: We complete remodeling projects for retail stores that are changing locations or would like to update their appearance.
  • Hair Salons and Spas: The goal of a Salon or Spa is to provide customers with a relaxing escape from the everyday. We offer renovation services for hair salons or spas, such as the construction of the Texture Room in New Town, St. Charles, to create this relaxing type of environment.
  • Office Remodeling: Determining the proper office layout for your business is important in any industry. We work with each client to develop the ideal office remodeling plan to best suit their needs.
  • Strip Shopping Centers: We offer renovation for shopping centers looking to remodel commercial retail space in between tenants.
  • Medical Offices: Medical office renovation services from Hankins Construction allow our clients to make optimal use of their space.
  • Hotel Renovations: Hotel remodeling and updating on a regular basis will increase property values and boost revenue.
  • Tenant Build-Out: Our commercial remodeling services allow new tenants to create the perfect space for their business in commercial lease space.





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